NSFW (Lewd) Art Gallery

Welcome to the lewds gallery! I figured to separate the pieces that feature smut and the ones that feature gore, because I don't like killing boners. That being said, guro art that is lewd will be posted in the Gore Art Gallery.

September 25, 2020

I decided to just copy-paste the descriptions I gave them in my Poizen, because I got lazy. While I only have a single account there, the site allows me to have two profiles, so I made one for SFW and one for NSFW.

Put Her on the Table and Fuck Her Doggystyle

The pun is intentional. I WILL NOT STOP USING PUNS. This art was requested by a friend of mine on Discord.

A Marriage Consummation with a Shapeshifter

Very few people knew of their strange little secret. The day she ran away and the man she chose remained a mystery to all the friends she grew up with and the household she was from. Though, it didn't matter to her at this point. Why would she worry when he could just show the world the face they wanted to see?